GSam Screen Dimmer - Users Guide

GSam Screen Dimmer - Users Guide  (Version 1.4)

Is your Android screen too bright for reading at night?  Even on it's lowest Brightness setting, many people find that their screen can be too bright for reading in a dark room.   GSam Screen Dimmer lets you dim the screen way past what many built-in brightness setting will allow, giving you a much better night reading experience. You can dim your screen without ever leaving the app you are currently running. Better yet, you can see the content on your screen while you dim - no need to launch into separate screens.

GSam Screen Dimmer
Main Screen:

GSam Screen Dimmer has one screen.  This can be launched from the Notification Bar (if enabled), or directly from your launcher tray.  Note:  Since this is a utility app you'll use often, it will not always show up on your Kindle Carousel.  This is to prevent this app from always showing up in the first few Carousel items.

Launching GSam Screen Dimmer
In order to work and dim the screen past what the device usually allows, the screen dimmer needs to always be running in the background.  If you want to change the brightness, simply launch the screen dimmer from the notification bar, choose a preset button (or customize it with the slider).  Then close the screen, and continue reading.

Enabled:  By default, the screen dimmer is not enabled.  When it is not enabled, the standard Brightness settings will be used.  When enabled, GSam Screen Dimmer will take over your brightness controls.  Note:  If you change the system brightness settings while the dimmer is enabled, the system settings will rule until you adjust (or disable/enable) the screen dimmer.

Customize Preset Buttons
Preset Buttons:  By default, GSam Screen Dimmer comes with 4 preset buttons (Min, Night, Day, and Max).   Simply clicking on the button will immediately adjust the display to the preset brightness.  Long-clicking the button will allow you to change the name (5 characters only) and brightness setting for the preset.  From hereon-out, clicking the button will set the screen to your custom value.

Settings:  By default, GSam Screen Dimmer will run on startup and show an icon in the Notification Bar.  This provides very quick access to the utility without having to hunt through your app icons.   You can disable either feature, but accessing the app becomes harder - and you want easy access to your Dimmer settings.


  1. The screen is too dim!  I'm in bright sunlight and I forgot to undo my minimum dimmness.   
    • Go into a dark room, or simply reboot your kindle.  This will restore the default screen brightness with the Screen Dimmer disabled.
  2. The screen dimmer says it's Enabled, but the screen is still bright.
    • If you adjust the brightness settings using the default controls while the Screen Dimmer is enabled, then the default controls take priority.  To get the Dimmer back, simply click on the Dimmer and adjust the setting, or disable/enable it to restore the dimmer function.
  3. I don't see the Dimmer app in the Kindle Carousel.
    • This is by design.  Look in your App menu, add it to your Favorites, or simply access it from the Notification bar.   Since this will be a constantly accessed app, it shouldn't constantly show up in the first few items in the carousel, otherwise you lose the benefit of the carousel.


  1. How may we set a timer, to dim at night and brighten at daylight?

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  2. Hi Chet:

    Long-press one of the preset buttons, and select the time you wish to auto-set the value.

    This feature is only available in the Pro version.

  3. I bought the Pro version, and now it seems brighter than ever, even at 0.0%.

  4. I ran the calibration and the brightness does not change.

  5. Still have heard nothing about fixing this. It just plain hasn't worked since November 25.

  6. When we post, we have to prove we're not a robot. Now, you prove You're not a robot.

  7. I really like this app but it will occasionally get really bright then go back to the previous settting after a few seconds. It was only mildly annoying but seems to be doing it more lately. Is there a setting I am missing?

  8. Great app! O can finallyndo my late night activities for my job on my android without blinding myself! :) I works great and there is a self timer for when you would like the screen brightness to change, along with the brightness setting. Just tap and hold on one of the buttons and your brihtness settings and timesnwill come up. :)

  9. I accidentally have it down to blackness and now i can't see to disengage or turn it off, on or unlockit. Help!


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