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Badass Battery Monitor - Free vs. Paid & the Kindle Fire

We have released a paid version (currently $1.99) of Badass Battery Monitor.    The free version of Badass Battery Monitor is still free, and will continue to get updates.  Why a Paid version?  Read on... Badass Battery Monitor has become quite popular on the Kindle Fire for monitoring the Fire's battery. As of this post, it was #189 on Amazon Appstore for all free apps.   80% of the downloads from Amazon Appstore are coming from Kindle Fire users (for this particular App). Badass Battery Monitor recently got written up by Sharon Vaknin in her c|net blog about the Kindle Fire. Kindle users tend to be a different breed from the average Android user.  They have very different expectations, and are looking for apps that fit their particular device.  While the Kindle Fire is using Android as it's underlying operating system, it is a very unique device, and apps designed for Android Phones - particularly Battery Monitoring apps fail miserably on the Kindle.  Even though Bad

Badass Battery Monitor - Monitoring Your Android Battery

I've always been intrigued with device monitoring, so when I got my Android phone, I really wanted to know more details as to it's power usage.    There are an amazing amount of battery monitoring apps out there - most of them are pretty terrible, but there are a few really good ones.  Unfortunately, even the good ones don't do everything I really wanted.  With that in mind, and as a way to learn how to write a basic Android application, I decided to create my own. You can now download Badass Battery Monitor for free in the Android Market. There are no ads - it uses Internet Access for graphing, but otherwise requires no special permissions. What makes Badass Battery Monitor different? Percent and time estimate quick view: A way to always see how much battery is left, and easily see estimates of remaining time.  Other apps have this - but non all in one place.  This was the key item that I always want to see, a