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Badass Battery Monitor - Monitoring Your Android Battery

I've always been intrigued with device monitoring, so when I got my Android phone, I really wanted to know more details as to it's power usage.    There are an amazing amount of battery monitoring apps out there - most of them are pretty terrible, but there are a few really good ones.  Unfortunately, even the good ones don't do everything I really wanted.  With that in mind, and as a way to learn how to write a basic Android application, I decided to create my own. You can now download Badass Battery Monitor for free in the Android Market. There are no ads - it uses Internet Access for graphing, but otherwise requires no special permissions. What makes Badass Battery Monitor different? Percent and time estimate quick view: A way to always see how much battery is left, and easily see estimates of remaining time.  Other apps have this - but non all in one place.  This was the key item that I always want to see, a