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Renaming an Android App

I started my Android Development by simply creating an app for my own use - I wasn't happy with existing battery monitors, and wanted much more detail.  So I created Badass Battery Monitor.  The name was a joke - but I liked it, and it was unique, so it stuck. As the app has grown in popularity, I get frequent comments from users complaining about the name.  While Badass isn't necessarily a 'bad word', it certainly is considered vulgar in certain company.   Nothing in the app is at all risque or offensive in any way other than the name, so why risk alienating possible users just for the sake of the name?  If I could start over, I'd definitely choose a different name.  Can I rename the App in flight? Yes - I'm going to rename the app and see how it works.  I run the following risks: There are numerous reviews, forum posts, etc. that all refer to Badass Battery Monitor.  A significant portion of download traffic can be attributed to this.  What happens when